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ECTC Phone Service

At your beck and call

Local calls
Subscribers of Emily Cooperative Telephone Company can call locally to Emily and Fifty Lakes (763), Outing (792) and the Crosby-Ironton (545-546) exchanges. But with our Expanded Calling Area service, your calling territory is wide open.

Expanded calling only $4.95 per month
Expanded Calling Area provides seven-digit calling to your neighbors in Crosslake, Mission, Pillager, Randall, Motley and moreā€¦ Even certain parts of the Brainerd-Baxter area for an additional cost.

Advanced Calling Features

Price Feature Name Feature Description
$2.50 Call Waiting: Call Waiting alerts you that someone is trying to call you when
you’re on the line.
$2.50 Call Screening: Allows you to block unwanted calls from disturbing you. You can
block selected numbers ahead of time. Works only with calls from certain
$3.50 Telemarketing: (Do Not Disturb) This service intercepts calls that are delivered as
"unknown or blocked" to the switching equipment. These calls are
typically telemarketers.
$2.50 Call Transfer: Call Transfer allows you to transfer an existing call to another
telephone by flashing the hook switch or using your flash button on your
phone and dialing the number to which the call is to be transferred to.
(Requires three-way calling.)
$2.50 Call Forwarding: (Fixed) Call Forwarding allows all calls to a telephone number to be
permanently forwarded to a remote telephone number, which you provide to
$2.50 Call Forwarding: (Variable) Call Forwarding allows you to transfer your incoming
calls to another local or long distance number.
$2.50 Call Forwarding: (Busy Line) Call Forward Busy Line allows you to dial a special code
to have calls redirected from your phone number to another phone number
when someone tries to call you and your line is busy.
$2.50 Call Forwarding: (Selective) Use this feature to forward selected calls to another
number and have all other calls ring at your telephone as usual. Calls
originating from numbers on your "Preferred List" are forwarded. All
other calls ring at your telephone.
$7.00 Teen Line: Teen Line allows your telephone line to have up to three numbers,
each with its own unique ringing pattern. You can determine for whom a
call is intended by the sound of the ring. If you have call waiting,
each phone number will also have a unique call waiting tone.
$2.50 Remote Activation: Remote Activation of Call Forwarding allows you to activate and
deactivate your call forwarding features from a remote number.
$2.50 Repeat Dialing: Automatically redials the last busy number you dialed. This feature
is active for a maximum of 30 minutes. You may still make and receive
other calls. When that line is free, you will be alerted with a
distinctive ring and the call will automatically be made.
$2.50 Last Call Return: Returns calls to the last number that called you, whether you
answered the phone or not.
$2.50 Speed-Dial: Allows you to create a list of up to eight frequently dialed numbers
that you can call by dialing a one-digit code. The one digit code can be
any number from 2 through 9.
$2.50 Speed-Dial: Allows you to create a list of up to 30 frequently dialed numbers
that you can call by dialing a two-digit code. The two digit code can be
any number from 20 through 49.
$2.50 3-Way Calling: Allows you to add a third person to an existing conversation whether
it is local or long distance. You must initiate both calls.
$2.50 Caller ID: (Number Only) Lets you know who’s calling before you answer the
phone, or who called while you were out. A telephone with the Caller ID
display box is necessary for this feature to work.
$5.50 Caller ID: (Name & Number) Caller ID Name & Number displays the name and
telephone number of the incoming call. (The name displayed will match
the directory listing of the calling number, and not necessarily the
name of the person calling.)
$3.50 Toll-Control/PIN: Toll Control with Pin allows you to block outgoing long-distance
(toll) calls but override this restriction on a per-call basis by using
a PIN number.
Free Unlisted Number: Contact ECTC to request an unlisted number.
Free Anonymous Call Reject: Anonymous Call Rejection prevents intentionally blocked calls from
reaching you. Callers who have blocked their call with Per Call Blocking
or Line Blocking, will hear a message stating this number is not
accepting calls from blocked lines.
Free Collect Call Reject: Does not allow collect calls to be placed to your telephone number.
Free 900 Number Block: Blocks outbound calls to "900" numbers.