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Sunrise, Sunset

Everyone loves a sunset. We all love a sunrise too, if we get up early enough and take the time to look. Below are some of our favorite scenes created by the rising and setting sun. Some of the photographs include the sun itself. Others show the light reflected off the sky, clouds, water, bulidings, trees, snow and the moon. (These images are links to larger versions of the file size indicated.)

Sunrise over Lake SuperiorTemperance River State Park
This glow in the Eastern sky over Lake Superior hints at the sometimes turbulent character of the "big lake they call Gitchigumi." (30K)

Sunrise over Lake SuperiorTemperance River State Park
The rising sun pierces a hazy sky over Lake Superior. (17K)

Sunset over Wisconsin farm valleySouthwestern Wisconsin
Evening sunlight is reflected off a farm building, a windmill, and a fertile valley. One could get lost in this bucolic area of hills and valleys and backroads. (49K)

Sunset over the Missouri RiverMobridge, South Dakota
"Across the wide Missouri." When viewing this river, one can't help but picture Lewis and Clark in their canoes paddling toward the uncharted West. (40K)

Sunset over frozen Northern Minnesota lake Northern Minnesota
A wide-angle view across a small lake. The setting sun is barely visible through the trees. (44K)

Sunset in Northern Minnesota woodsThat special light only winter can bring.
This is a path into the North woods near dusk. (52K)

Sunset over Northern Minnesota lakeA lake near Crooked Creek

A kind of lavender sky mirrored in a lavender lake accented by clusters of weeds. (36K)

Sunset on aspens and moonNear Crooked Creek
The moon accents these aspens hightlighted by the evening sun. "At the right place at the right time." (71K)

Red sunset in Northern MinnesotaBlood-red sunset in a farm field near Crooked Creek (18K)

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June 10, 1996